ZAP Secondary Conjugates

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ZAP conjugates are non-targeted saporin conjugates that “piggyback” on to your primary targeting agent (biotinylated material or antibody).

Biotin-Z Internalization Kit (for in vitro or in vivo use)

These kits convert biotinylated materials into targeted toxins and will allow you to evaluate the ability of your reagent to internalize upon binding to its receptor.

TargetRecommended Product
in vivo
Recommended Product
in vitro
biotinylated peptide
Streptavidin-ZAP Peptide Kit

Biotin-Z Peptide Internalization Kit
biotinylated antibody
*choose host species of your material
Streptavidin-ZAP Antibody Kit
goat, human, mouse, rat, rabbit, sheep
Biotin-Z Antibody Internalization Kit
goat, human, mouse, rat, rabbit, sheep
other biotinylated materialStreptavidin-ZAP Kit 
Streptavidin-ZAP Kit 

Streptavidin-ZAP (Cat. #IT-27) converts biotinylated materials into targeted toxins.

FITC-Streptavidin-ZAP (Cat. #IT-85) eliminate cells recognized by YOUR biotinylated targeting agent, FITC-labeled

MonoBiotin-ZAP (Cat. #BT-ZAP) eliminate cells recognized by YOUR streptavidinylated targeting agent

ZAP Antibody Internalization Kit (for in vitro use)

The Antibody Z-kit contains a Secondary Antibody conjugated to Saporin (ZAP), Control Conjugate, plus all the components needed to screen your primary antibody for internalization.

TargetRecommended Products
alpaca/llama IgG
(VHH domain)
(IT-87, KIT-87)
chicken IgYChick-ZAP
(IT-62, KIT-62)
goat IgGGoat-ZAP
(IT-36, KIT-36)
guinea pig IgGgPIG-ZAP
(IT-64, KIT-64)
human IgGHum-ZAP
(IT-22, KIT-22)
Fab-ZAP human
(IT-51, KIT-51)
FabFc-ZAP human
(IT-65, KIT-65)
human IgMHug-M-ZAP
(IT-43, KIT-43)
FabFc-ZAP Hug-M
(IT-78, KIT-78)
mouse IgGMab-ZAP
(IT-04, KIT-04)
Fab-ZAP mouse 
(IT-48, KIT-48)
FabFc-ZAP mouse
(IT-89, KIT-89)
mouse IgMAnti-M-ZAP
(IT-30, KIT-30)
rabbit IgGRab-ZAP
(IT-05, KIT-05)
Fab-ZAP rabbit 
(IT-57, KIT-57)
rat IgGRat-ZAP
(IT-26, KIT-26)
Fab-ZAP rat 
(IT-55, KIT-55)
FabFc-ZAP rat
(IT-88, KIT-88)

made with bivalent
antibodies that
recognize the whole IgG

made with monovalent
(Fab) antibodies that
recognize the whole IgG,
without bivalent capping

made with monovalent
(Fab) antibodies that
recognize Fc region only
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