Custom & Cell-Based Services

Your back-up laboratory team is here. We can help! Check out the services we provide to research and drug development laboratories around the world.

Contact us to discuss your project. All discussions and services can be covered with a confidentiality agreement.

Custom Conjugations

ATS has manufactured custom conjugates for over 30 years; providing consistent, reliable research tools for scientists all over the world. Check out these scientific publications utilizing custom conjugates.

Custom Biotinylation

Let the experts in the field help provide you with the most effective conjugate while retaining the functionality of each of the components.

Companion Products: Streptavidin-ZAP, Biotin-Z Internalization Kit

Custom Conjugations

Custom Conjugates are powerful tools that specifically destroy targeted cell types. This technique has important research applications in determining the function or contribution of the targeted cells in a biological system or for the removal of interfering cell types.

Companion Products: ZAP Secondary Conjugates

Custom Fluorescent Labeling

Do you have an antibody or peptide you need fluorescently labeled? 

Companion Products: Fluorescent Conjugates


Cell and Plate-based Assays

ATS has a wide array of services for all of your cell and plate-based assays.

Compound Screening
Fluorescent Microscopy

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