Custom Conjugation

Custom Conjugates are powerful tools that specifically destroy targeted cell types. This technique has important research applications in determining the function or contribution of the targeted cells in a biological system or for the removal of interfering cell types. Through the use of custom conjugates, you can eliminate any cell type.

Why choose Custom Conjugation?

Keys for Successful Targeting

  • A cell surface marker.
  • A molecule, such as an antibody or a ligand, that binds to that marker.

Your targeting agent is conjugated to Saporin, a highly active and potent ribosome-inactivating protein.

Contact us to discuss your targeting project.

Leonardo Ancheta, Vice President and Director of Custom Conjugations at ATS, talks about how to make experiments more efficient and more accurate and also lower your costs.

Companion Product

Secondary Conjugate ZAP Internalization Kits

ZAP conjugates are non-targeted saporin conjugates that “piggyback” on to your primary targeting agent (biotinylated material or antibody). The Biotin-Z Internalization Kits and ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits convert your material into a targeted toxin to eliminate specific cells and reveal cell function with definitive results.

This is an excellent way to evaluate your material as a targeting reagent.

Research Applications

Custom conjugates are valuable tools with the potential for applications in many areas.

In vitro, custom conjugates can be used to selectively eliminate cells expressing a specific receptor/antigen. This could be very useful in various cloning and gene trapping strategies where the goal is to select for cells based on expression (or suppression of expression) of a particular gene.

In vivo, custom conjugates can be used to specifically eliminate selected types of neurons for studies of the function of those neurons and responsiveness of animals to a variety of manipulations, including:

  • Behavioral studies
  • Drug treatments
  • Physiological studies

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