pHast Conjugates

pHast Conjugates are one of our pHastest tools for quantitative testing of your primary antibody’s specificity, binding, and internalization, providing results in 1 day.

Fluorescence intensity increases over time, indicating internalization of the pHast conjugate. Data generated using an IncuCyte SX5.

How It Works

The pHast conjugate binds to your primary antibody via a secondary antibody cross-linked to a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter.  This fluorescent reporter will increase intensity as the pH of its surroundings becomes more acidic, as evident when exposed to the environment inside a cell.  pHast conjugates are fluorescent plate reader compatible and can be used to illuminate your lead antibody candidates in a 96-well plate format.

Also Available:

Streptavidin-pHast (PH-03)

Streptavidin-pHast binds to your biotinylated protein and contains a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter (pHast). 

TargetRecommended Products
made with whole IgG
made with
monovalent (Fab)
made with monovalent
Fc region (FabFc)
alpaca/llama IgG
(VHH domain)
chicken IgYChick-pHast
goat IgGGoat-pHast
guinea pig IgGgPIG-pHast
human IgGHum-pHast
Fab-pHast human
FabFc-pHast human
human IgMHug-M-pHast
FabFc-pHast Hug-M
mouse IgGMab-pHast
Fab-pHast mouse 
FabFc-pHast mouse
mouse IgMAnti-M-pHast
rabbit IgGRab-pHast
Fab-pHast rabbit 
rat IgGRat-pHast
Fab-pHast rat 
FabFc-pHast rat

made with bivalent
antibodies that
recognize the whole IgG

made with monovalent
(Fab) antibodies that
recognize the whole IgG,
without bivalent capping

made with monovalent
(Fab) antibodies that
recognize Fc region only

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