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Internalization Technology to eliminate specific cells

Advanced Targeting Systems’ technology – Molecular Surgery – is a modification of one of the most widely used techniques in the neurosciences: lesioning of a region by surgical means and observation of the effect.

  • Get an antibody specific to your cell type. Use Saporin, a potent toxin that is safe in the lab but lethal inside a cell. ATS puts them together to make a powerful targeting agent.
  • The conjugate will internalize. Cells which do not have the target receptor will not be affected.
  • Once inside the cell, Saporin inactivates ribosomes which results in cell death.

Saporin has no way of entering a cell on its own, except by bulk-phase endocytosis. To be effective, Saporin is bound to a Targeting Agent. A Targeting Agent binds to the cell surface and is internalized. Examples include: antibody, ligand, cytokine, growth factor, aptamer, etc. When the conjugate is internalized it escapes the endosomal compartment and inactivates the ribosomes. This shuts down protein synthesis and results in cell death.

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