Control Conjugates

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Controls are a vital part of the scientific procedure; without them it is difficult to isolate the specific effects from the non-specific or artifactual. These control conjugates are the same molecular weight, consist of similar, comparable materials and are synthesized with the same protocols as the targeted conjugates. The difference is the cell-specific targeting agents are replaced with “blanks,” antibodies or peptides that have no specificity, and no ability to target cells.

Control for Targeted ToxinsControl for Targeted Toxins using biotin-streptavidin technology
GoatGoat IgG-SAP (IT-19): preimmune goat IgG and saporin
Fab IgG-SAP (IT-67): preimmune goat Fab IgG and saporin
BIgG-SAP Goat (IT-81): biotinylated goat IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
HumanHuman IgG-SAP (IT-49): preimmune human IgG and saporinBIgG-SAP Human (IT-77): biotinylated human IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
MouseMouse IgG-SAP (IT-18): preimmune mouse IgG and saporin
Mouse IgM-SAP (IT-41): preimmune mouse IgM and saporin
BIgG-SAP Mouse (IT-74): biotinylated mouse IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
RabbitRabbit IgG-SAP (IT-35): preimmune rabbit IgG and saporinBIgG-SAP Rabbit (IT-75): biotinylated rabbit IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
RatRat IgG-SAP (IT-17): preimmune rat IgG and saporinBIgG-SAP Rat (IT-73): biotinylated rat IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
SheepBIgG-SAP Sheep (IT-93): biotinylated sheep IgG and streptavidin-ZAP
PeptideBlank-SAP (IT-21): non-targeted peptide and saporinBlank-Streptavidin-SAP (IT-27B): non-targeted peptide and streptavidin-ZAP
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