FabFc-ZAP mouse [IT-89, KIT-89]

a tool to “piggyback” onto YOUR antibody via goat anti-mouse monovalent antibody; targeting cells that recognize YOUR mouse antibody, eliminated via saporin

SKU: IT-89 Categories: , Antibody Type: affinity-purified | Host: Goat | Reactivity: Mouse | Conjugate: saporin | Usage: eliminates cells, screen antibodies |

FabFc-ZAP uses your primary mouse IgG antibody to target and eliminate cells that recognize your primary antibody. The secondary antibody used in the Fc-specific Fab-ZAP will react only with the Fc portion of the IgG heavy chain. The FabFc-ZAP products can be used in B-cell research with the confidence that cell death is primary antibody-mediated. When the in vitro results confirm the desired specificity, it is recommended that you order a custom conjugation of your antibody to saporin.

FabFc-ZAP mouse is a chemical conjugate of goat anti-mouse monovalent antibody and the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin. It uses your mouse primary antibody to target and eliminate cells. This secondary conjugate is used to evaluate the potential of a primary antibody to internalize.

FabFc-ZAP mouse is available individually (Cat. #IT-89) or as a kit (Cat. #KIT-89) which includes FabFc-ZAP mouseSaporin (Cat. #PR-01)Fab IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-67) and reagents for developing a cytotoxicity assay.

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