ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits

ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits allow a large number of antibodies to be screened quickly and cost-effectively for specificity, functional binding, internalization, and EC50 determination.  The wide selection of these secondary conjugates provide ideal tools for screening potential antibodies . They are constructed using either species-specific polyclonal anti-IgG antibodies, or streptavidin (alternate kit for use with biotinylated targeting agents), that are chemically attached to Saporin, the most potent of the plant ribosome-inactivating proteins.

ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits contain all of the materials needed to screen your antibody.  Included, in addition to the selected ZAP products, are controls and developing reagents for the assay.  All the user provides are the materials specific to their experiment (the antibody candidate, cells expressing the target, and culture reagents). Recommended protocols for use are detailed in a booklet and on a flash drive provided, and are specific to the particular kit chosen (Whole-ZAP, Fab-ZAP, or FabFc-ZAP). Examples of predicted assay results are also included for comparison; a successful assay provides an EC50 useful in determining if the candidate-antibody should be pursued at the next level.

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