CTB-SAP [IT-14, KIT-14]

a tool for eliminating cells that express the GM1 receptor; targeted via cholera toxin B-subunit, eliminated via saporin

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Cholera toxin B (CTB) binds the GM1 (Galactosyl-N-Acetylgalactosaminyl) receptor. This receptor is found on cells such as motoneurons, sympathetic pre-ganglionic neurons, as well as cells in the intestinal epithelium. CTB-SAP causes ablation of any cell type expressing GM1, including preganglionic neurons, motoneurons, and astrocytes. Intrathecal injection of CTB-SAP results in elimination of oligodendrocytes and astrocytes and the subsequent demyelination of the spinal cord. CTB-SAP allows the study of a number of demyelinating conditions.

CTB-SAP is a chemical conjugate of cholera toxin B-subunit and the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin. It specifically eliminates cells expressing the GM1 receptor, including preganglionic neurons, motoneurons, and astrocytes.

U.S. Patent 6.376,460 “Method of Modulating Cellular Activity” protects methods of peripheral injection of subjects using this neuronal tracer. Before using these methods please contact Flinders Technologies Pty. Ltd. for license information. flinderstech@flinders.edu.au

CTB-SAP is available individually (Cat. #IT-14) or as a kit (Cat. #KIT-14) which includes CTB-SAP and Saporin (Cat. #PR-01).