Targeting Trends 2020 Review

Read the complete 2020 Review. Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the Pandemic Scientific References Top 20 Targeting Tools

American Association for Cancer Research, AACR 2022

Molecular Surgery definition: Specifically remove cells based on a unique cell surface marker; useful in both in vitro (e.g., antibody screening) and in vivo (e.g., ‘knock out’ models, functionomics) applications. Visit Booth 1319 April 9-13 and find out how you can use Molecular Surgery to discover a cure for cancer.

Abstracts from Society for Neuroscience (SFN) November 8-11, 2021 – Virtual Meeting

P210 / 07 Effects of age on sexually dimorphic food protection behavior associated with hippocampal cholinergic deafferentation. J. R. OSTERLUND OLTMANNS1, E. A. SCHAEFFER1, A. A. BLACKWELL1, S. A. PIETRUCHA1, H. YANG1, S. TSAI2, G. L. KARTJE2, *D. WALLACE1 featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP Loss of hippocampal cholinergic projection originating from basal forebrain structures has been associated …

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2020 Scientific References

Targeted Toxins Secondary Conjugates Control Conjugates Saporin Custom Conjugates Selected Antibodies Targeted Toxins: Targeting agent attached to Saporin IT-01 192-IgG-SAP Intracerebroventricular Administration of 192IgG-Saporin Alters the State of Microglia in the Neocortex. Volobueva MN, Dobryakova YV, Manolova AO, Stepanichev MY, Kvichansky AA, Gulyaeva NV, Markevich VA, Bolshakov AP Neurochem J 14(1):37-42, 2020.  doi: 10.1134/S1819712420010213 Objective: …

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Neuroscience 2021 and Targeting Trends

Have you read Targeting Trends newsletters? Now in a more convenient format, the ATS newsletters are accessible on our website. Features include summaries of the latest publications, FAQ to answer product questions, and articles with cutting edge research shared by featured scientists. Plus cameo appearances by our beloved cats. Flip through the pages of the newsletters like …

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Annual ATS Poster of the Year Winners

Neuroscience 2019 Truckenbrod LM, Bumanglag AV, Chun E, Hernandez A, Federico QP, Maurer AP, Sloviter RS, Burke SN (2019) Targeted hippocampal GABA neuron ablation produces hippocampal sclerosis, epilepsy, and dissociable effects on the Morris water maze and object-place paired association tasks. Neuroscience 2019 Abstracts 158.03. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL An epileptogenic role for hippocampal …

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SFN Global Connectome 2021

Stop by our virtual booth at the SFN Global Connectome, January 11-13. This digital neuroscience event is open to all neuroscientists and is designed to facilitate scientific exchange across the globe and across the field, providing scientists at all career stages with opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect. Get your questions answered and find out …

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New Publications using Saporin conjugates

Cat. #IT-01  192-IgG-SAP Lesions of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis (Meynert) induce enhanced somatosensory responses and tactile hypersensitivity in rats. Dezawa S, Nagasaka K, Watanabe Y, & Takashima I. (2020). Exp Neurol, 335 113493. 2020/10/05.  Disruption of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons after traumatic brain injury does not compromise environmental enrichment-mediated cognitive benefits. Moschonas EH, Leary JB, …

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World Alzheimer’s Month – Latest publications

Cat. #IT-01  192-IgG-SAP Long-term potentiation in the hippocampal CA3 to CA1 synapses may be induced in vivo by activation of septal cholinergic inputs. Dobryakova, Y. V., M. Y. Stepanichev, V. A. Markevich and A. P. Bolshakov (2020).  Int J Neurosci: 1-9. Intracerebroventricular Administration of 192IgG-Saporin Alters the State of Microglia in the Neocortex. Volobueva, M. N., Y. …

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Featured Saporin Conjugates

Antibody-Saporin Conjugates (able to be retrogradely transported) Saporin Conjugate(s) Molecular Target Cell Subpopulation Killed References 192-IgG-SAP(192-Saporin) Nerve growth factorreceptor (NGFR),p75NTR Rat cholinergic forebrainneuronsUpper cervical ganglion Cat. #IT-01 Anti-ChAT-SAP(ChAT-SAP) Cholineacetyltransferase(ChAT) Cholinergic interneurons ofdorsal striatum Cat. #IT-42 Anti-DAT-SAP(DAT-SAP) Dopamine Transporter(DAT) Dopaminergic neuronsParkinson’s disease Model Cat. #IT-25 Anti-DBH-SAP(DSAP) Dopamine betahydroxylase (DBH) Locus coeruleus/subcoeruleusAlzheimer’s disease Model Cat. #IT-03 Anti-GAT1-SAP(GAT1-SAP) …

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