Serotonin neurons of the Dorsal Raphe affect maternal aggression and caregiving

Anti-SERT-SAP Cat. #KIT-23 Serotonin-Specific Lesions of the Dorsal Raphe Disrupt Maternal Aggression and Caregiving in Postpartum Rats. Holschbach MA, Vitale EV, & Lonstein JS. (2018). Behav Brain Res, in press. Objective: To determine the effects of behavioral modifications associated with early motherhood by permanently disrupting serotonin signaling at one of its primary sources, the dorsal […]

Serotonin’s role in mussel survival and reproduction

Exposure to Low Environmental Concentrations of Manganese, Lead, and Cadmium Alters the Serotonin System of Blue Mussels. Fraser M, Fortier M, Foucher D, Roumier PH, Brousseau P, Fournier M, Surette C, & Vaillancourt C. (2017). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 37 (1):192-200. Objective: To determine the effects of exposure to Mn, Pb, or Cd on serotonin levels, monoamine oxidase […]

Antibody Screening for Cancer Therapeutics

Targeting of Embryonic Annexin A2 Expressed on Ovarian and Breast Cancer by the Novel Monoclonal Antibody 2448. (2018) Cua S, Tan HL, Fong WJ, Chin A, Lau A, Ding V, Song Z, Yang Y, & Choo A. Oncotarget, 9 (17):13206-13221. [PMID 29568351] Objective: To develop mAbs to potentially target oncofetal antigens and be repurposed for antibody […]

Z-Kit Promotion

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Tools to study neuroplasticity induced by chronic use of opioids

SSP-SAP [Stable analog of Substance P conjugated to Saporin] (Cat. #IT-11) Objective:  To determine the the mechanisms mediating the induction of opioid-induced hyperalgesia and the prolongation of prostaglandinE2-induced hyperalgesia in type II hyperalgesic priming. Summary:  The authors show that understanding the mechanisms responsible for the induction of type II hyperalgesic priming, a form of neuroplasticity in the […]

Catecholamine neurons in Obesity

Anti-DBH-SAP [Dopamine Beta Hydroxylaxe antibody conjugated to Saporin] (Cat. #IT-03) Objective: To investigate the role of hindbrain catecholamine neuron pathways and their contribution to long-term energy homeostasis by controlling obesogenic sensitivity to a high-fat, high sucrose choice diet. Summary: The authors show that catecholamine neurons (primarily in the VLM and NTS) convey essential feedback signals […]

Streptavidin-Saporin key ingredient in Immunotoxin Cocktail

Streptavidin-ZAP [Streptavidin conjugated to Saporin] (Cat. #IT-27) Objective: To determine if an immunotoxin cocktail targeted to multiple epitopes has synergistic effects on low expression level cells, which would expand the applicable range of immunotoxin therapy for cancer. Summary: The combination of immunotoxins with different mechanisms of action in an antibody cocktail will increase cytotoxic activities […]

A highly specific NGFR antibody

NGFr (mu p75) Rabbit Polyclonal, affinity-purified (Cat. #AB-N01AP) Objective: To determine if differentiated neural crest cells are promising supporting cell candidates to aid in peripheral nerve repair. Summary: In this study, neural crest cells were differentiated from human embryonic stem cells. NGFR (mouse monoclonal, 1:100) Immunocytochemistry.  The specificity of NGFR antibody was validated by immunocytochemical […]

Strategies to overcome 5-FU resistance in cancer

Congratulations to the Selbo laboratory for their recent publication using Anti-CD105-SAP. This targeted toxin was previously part of the BETA program. As first to publish using this product, Selbo’s group receives a $500 product credit and applause for their great work. 5-Fu Resistant Emt-Like Pancreatic Cancer Cells Are Hypersensitive to Photochemical Internalization of the Novel […]