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Secondary Conjugate ZAP Internalization Kits

The ZAP technology provides the tools to attach your antibody to Saporin. Saporin is a ribosome-inactivating protein that has no way to enter a cell on its own (except through bulk-phase endocvtosis). When attached to your primary antibody, it will be taken inside any cell that recognizes your antibody on the cell surface. Once inside, Saporin inactivates the ribosomes and provides a definitive result of how specific your antibody is to cells a particular cell surface marker.

pHast Conjugates

The pHast technology works in a similar manner to attach your antibody to a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter. This fluorescent reporter will increase intensity as the pH of its surroundings becomes more acidic, as evident when exposed to the environment inside a cell. A successful assay will provide an EC50 by way of a fluorescence detecting plate reader, illuminating your lead antibody candidates.


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