Targeting Trends Newsletter 00q4

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Newsletter Highlights

  • Toxicology/Safety studies with SP-SAP to begin (page 1-2)
  • Second immunotoxins: use your monoclonal or polyclonal to target cells (page 5)
  • Mouse p75 immunotoxin to be released at 2000 Society for Neuroscience (SFN) Meeting (page 7)

CBF Lesioning in Rabbits

contributed by Dr. Thomas Beach, Sun Health Research Institute, Sun City, AZProduct information related to cover article: ME20.4-SAP, Cat. #IT-15

Chronic Pain Therapeutic

NIDA funds ATS research on Galanin

Recent Scientific References

Targeting Talk: Second Immunotoxins

  • What is a second immunotoxin?
  • How does a second immunotoxin target?
  • What happens when the second immunotoxin gets inside the cell?
  • Are there different types of second immunotoxins available?
  • What is the ratio of antibody to second immunotoxin for in vitro testing?

Targeting Ticklers (Jokes)

Targeting Teaser Winners from last issue

Targeting Tools: New Products

Targeting Technology Tutorial

Targeting Teaser (Jumble)