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Targeting Trends Newsletter 14q4

Below are links to view the quarterly newsletter Targeting Trends. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please complete the information on our contact page. Newsletter Highlights Otis Gets His Wag Back! (page 2) SFN 2014 Survey (page 2) Recent Scientific References (page 3) Teaser Winners (page 5) Targeting Teaser – win […]

Targeting Tools: ZAP Biotin-Z Internalization Kit

Targeted conjugates are widely used to escort payloads to specific cell populations in vitro and in vivo for both basic research and pharmaceutical development. Desirable traits of a Targeting Agent include high specificity and rapid internalization. The Targeting Agent can be an antibody, peptide, protein, or any other molecule that recognizes a cell- surface marker. […]

Targeting Tools: Beta Testing Program

ATS is pleased to announce Beta-release of a wide array of targeted toxins for use in eliminating specific cell types. This Beta-Testing Program will make new conjugates available to our customers sooner. Each of the Beta products will have: Saporin activity confirmed, Peptide sequences published/confirmed, and/or Antibody binding specificity published/confirmed. Beta Products have not been […]

Targeting Talk: Conjugate Calculations

I ordered a control conjugate to use alongside my targeted conjugate, but the two products are at different concentrations. How much control conjugate should I use? Conjugate products are often of differing protein concentrations, meaning dilution of one is usually necessary to ensure comparable amounts of control conjugate and targeted conjugate are used. This adjustment […]

Targeting Talk: ZAP Kit Sizes

I have been using your ZAP Antibody Internalization Kit. It is working well for me, but I can only test one antibody at a time. Do you offer the ZAP kit in larger sizes? We do offer kits with sufficient components to test multiple antibody candidates. We offer "Z4" and "Z10" sizes of kits that […]

Targeting Topics 14q4

Activated Macrophages Create Lineage-specific Microenvironments for Pancreatic Acinar- and beta-cell Regeneration in Mice. Criscimanna A, Coudriet GM, Gittes GK, Piganelli JD, Esni F. Gastroenterology Epub2014. In response to tissue damage or infection, monocytes are recruited to the injured area and differentiate into macrophages. These macrophages can perform different functions depending on the tissue type. The […]


Otis Gets His Wag Back!

Dog with bone cancer jumps for joy over new treatment that made him pain-free after one dose! Otis, the golden retriever, was in his golden years when bone cancer pain threatened to shorten his life. As a participant in a clinical trial aimed at pet dogs, he was given a single treatment with a pain […]


Cancer Pain Relief in Pet Dogs has Direct Translation into Human Chronic Pain Conditions

Based on the recent publication by: Brown DC, Agnello K. (2013) Intrathecal substance p-saporin in the dog: efficacy in bone cancer pain. Anesthesiology 119(5):1178-1185 and the October 2013 press release by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, “Man’s best friends’ chronic pain relieved with new treatment, study finds: Findings could be useful to human cancer patients.” […]