Otis Gets His Wag Back!

Dog with bone cancer jumps for joy over new treatment that made him pain-free after one dose!

Otis, the golden retriever, was in his golden years when bone cancer pain threatened to shorten his life. As a participant in a clinical trial aimed at pet dogs, he was given a single treatment with a pain therapy called SP-SAP that was developed by Advanced Targeting Systems (ATS).

The story of Otis’s relief from cancer pain is well documented in a video accessible on the Veiove Animal Health website. “Otis Gets His Wag Back” shows Otis before treatment and after. It is clear from Otis’s body language and gait there is change for the better, while the tumor has doubled in size.

Bone cancer at advanced stages often leads to animals being euthanized for pain-related issues. There are better options. Pain shouldn’t be a life-threatening disease for your pet. SP-SAP prevents chronic pain signals from reaching the brain. The pet’s brain no longer knows it is in pain from the cancer, but can still feel normal acute pain that can be treated with traditional pain.

A study sponsored by ATS has promising results that were published in the November 2013 issue of the journal Anesthesiology. Pet dogs receiving SP-SAP displayed significantly less pain than dogs receiving traditional pain care, with no visible side effects and an improved quality of life.

With the hope of translating these results to humans, a clinical trial testing SP-SAP on terminal cancer patients has begun. Early results are promising, but additional patients are needed. See http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT02036281 for more information.

SP-SAP Facts:

  • Permanent relief from cancer pain
  • Single injectable dose
  • Successfully tested in dogs
  • In human clinical trials

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