FabFc-pHast HugM [PH-04]

a tool to test antibody specificity, binding, and internalization with results in one day

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FabFc-pHast Hug-M is one of our fastest tools for quantitative testing of your primary antibody’s specificity, binding, and internalization, providing results in 1 day. Fab-pHast Hug-M binds to your primary human IgM antibody via a secondary antibody cross-linked to a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter. This fluorescent reporter will increase intensity as the pH of its surroundings becomes more acidic, as evident when exposed to the environment inside a cell. A successful assay will provide an EC50 by way of a fluorescence detecting plate reader, illuminating your lead antibody candidates.

FabFc-pHast Hug-M generates quantitative testing of the specific, binding, and internalization of your primary human antibody, with results in 1-day. This secondary conjugate is used to evaluate the potential of a primary antibody to internalize.

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Also available: Streptavidin-pHast (PH-03). Streptavidin-pHast binds to your biotinylated protein and contains a pH-dependent fluorescent reporter (pHast).


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