Research Tools for Parkinson’s Disease

A review of the tools for studying Parkinson’s Disease

These results show that an antibody to the extracellular domain of the dopamine transporter (DAT) can be used to target midbrain dopaminergic neurons and that Anti-DAT-Saporin may be useful for producing a lesion very similar to the naturally-occurring neural degeneration seen in Parkinson’s Disease (Wiley et al., 2003).

  • Koshy Cherian A, Kucinski A, Wu R, de Jong IEM, & Sarter MA-Ohoo. Co-treatment with rivastigmine and idalopirdine reduces the propensity for falls in a rat model of falls in Parkinson’s disease. LID – 10.1007/s00213-018-5150-y [doi]. (2019). Psychopharmacology (Berl), [Epub ahead of print] (1432-2072 (Electronic). IT-01: 192-IgG-SAP
  • Kucinski A, Kim Y, & Sarter M. Basal forebrain chemogenetic inhibition disrupts the superior complex movement control of goal-tracking rats. (2019). Behav Neurosci, 133 (1):121-134. 2019/01/29IT-01: 192-IgG-SAP
  • Murillo-Rodriguez E, Millan-Aldaco D, Palomero-Rivero M, Morales-Lara D, Mechoulam R, & Drucker-Colin R. Cannabidiol partially blocks the sleepiness in hypocretin-deficient rats. Preliminary data. (2019). CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets2019/10/24.    IT-20:  Orexin-SAP
  • Dobryakova YV, Volobueva MN, Manolova AO, Medvedeva TM, Kvichansky AA, Gulyaeva NV, Markevich VA, Stepanichev MY, & Bolshakov AP. Cholinergic Deficit Induced by Central Administration of 192IgG-Saporin Is Associated with Activation of Microglia and Cell Loss in the Dorsal Hippocampus of Rats. (2019). Front Neurosci13 146. 2019/04/02. PMC6424051.    IT-01192-IgG-SAP
  • Ermine CM, Wright JL, Frausin S, Kauhausen JA, Parish CL, Stanic D, & Thompson LH. Modelling the dopamine and noradrenergic cell loss that occurs in Parkinson’s disease and the impact on hippocampal neurogenesis. (2018). Hippocampus, 28 (5):327-337. 2018/02/13. Pmc5969306.    IT-03: Anti-DBH-SAP
  • Oliveira LM, Falquetto B, Moreira TS, & Takakura AC. Orexinergic neurons are involved in the chemosensory control of breathing during the dark phase in a Parkinson’s disease model. (2018). Exp Neurobiol, 309 107-118.      IT-20: Orexin-SAP; IT-35: Rabbit IgG-SAP
  •       Oliveira LM, Moreira TS, & Takakura AC. Raphe Pallidus is Not Important to Central Chemoreception in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease. (2018). Neuroscience, 369 350-362. 2017/12/02IT-23: Anti-SERT-SAP; PR-01: Saporin

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