Targeting Trends 2012 Newsletter

Read the 2012 Newsletters and recent scientific references 2012, issue 1:  Motivation’s modulation of attention through the mesolimbic-corticopetal cholinergic circuitry / by M St. Peters, M Sarter / featuring 192-IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-01), Mouse IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-18) SFN Poster of the Year Targeting Talk: Anti-NGFr blocking antibody, Staining with FITC-labeled Anti-Saporin Targeting Tools: Antibody to Metabotropic Glutamate […]

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Targeting Tools: Anti-SERT-SAP

Anti-SERT-SAP (Cat. #IT-23) utilizes a monoclonal antibody to the fourth extracellular domain of the serotonin re-uptake transporter (SERT). SERT is the major determinant of serotonin inactivation following release at synapses, is the site of action for many tricyclic antidepressants and the SSRIs (serotonin-selective reuptake inhibitors), and is also targeted by a number of psychostimulants including

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Targeting Tools: Mac-1-SAP

The Mac-1-SAP targeted toxins recognize Mac-1-positive (CD11b) cells in mouse/human (Cat. #IT-06) or in rat (Cat. #IT-33). The toxin is excellent for removing contaminating macrophages from primary cultures. Elimination of macrophages in vivo is useful to determine their role(s) in autoimmune diseases and in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Both toxins are extremely potent, with

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Targeting Tools: Anti-GST

The Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) family of enzymes contains cytosolic, mitochondrial, and microsomal proteins that are capable of multiple reactions with a multitude of substrates, both endogenous and xenobiotic. GST catalyzes the conjugation of reduced glutathione which is useful in the detoxification of endogenous compounds such as peroxidized lipids, as well as the metabolism of xenobiotics.

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Cover Article: A pivotal role of lumbar spinothalamic cells in regulation of ejaculation via intraspinal connections

Contributed by Lique M. Coolen, University of Michigan Introduction from Dr. Lappi: An article by Lique Coolen’s group[5] was the 1000th article in PubMed in response to the search word ‘saporin.’ Dr. Coolen has graciously agreed to describe the latest in her fascinating work. Male sexual behavior consists of many different aspects, with ejaculation being

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