Targeting Trends 2001 Newsletter

Read the 2001 Newsletters 2001, issue 1: Immunolesioning: From Spinal Cord to Brain / by Schreihofer A / featuring Anti-DBH-SAP (Cat. #IT-03) Jennifer Martin wins “ATS Abstract of the Year Award” Targeting Talk: In vivo Use of Targeted Toxins Targeting Tools: IB4-SAP 2001, issue 2: Safety Studies Begin for Chronic Pain Therapeutic Targeting Talk: Suicide Transport and …

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Targeting Topics 01q2

Up-regulation of growth-associated protein 43 mRNA in rat medial septum neurons axotomized by fimbria-fornix transection. Haas CA, Hollerbach E, Deller T, Naumann T, Frotscher M. Eur J Neurosci 12(12):4233-4242, 2000. PMID: 11122335 Axonal growth and regeneration is limited in adult mammals, however if injured CNS neurons are in an environment permissive for growth, they can …

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Safety Studies Begin

Early last month (March 2001), Advanced Targeting Systems (ATS) received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to begin toxicology/safety studies of Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP), a potential therapeutic for the treatment of chronic pain. The studies will be completed under the direction of three scientists who are experts in their respective fields. Dr. …

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