Abstracts from Society for Neuroscience (SFN) San Diego, CA • November 3-7, 2007

56.11/S5 Protection from dendritic atrophy with testosterone following partial motoneuron depletion: dose-dependence in males and efficacy in females

KD Coons, RE Wilson, *DR Sengelaub

featuring IT-14 CTB-SAP (Poster)

56.24/S18 Dendritic atrophy following partial motoneuron depletion: time course of recovery and protection with testosterone

*AS Ferguson, DR Sengelaub

featuring IT-14 CTB-SAP (Poster)

92.21/TT2 Recognition of novel objects and their location in rats with selective cholinergic lesion of the medial septum

L Cai, *DA Johnson

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

186.16/RR16 Effects of systemic bicuculline on the formalin-induced nociceptive response in the lip and c-Fos expression in the SP-Saporin-treated rats

*A Masawaki, S Sugiyo, T Shimoda, Y Sakai, A Ohyamaguchi, D Uehashi, M Moritani, A Yoshida, H Niwa, M Takemura

featuring IT-07 SP-SAP (Poster)

187.15/SS7 Developmental origins of ventral medullary NK1r neurons

*PA Gray, C Vandunk

featuring IT-11 SSP-SAP (Poster)

198.4/ZZ13 Noradrenergic denervation of dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) modulates paraventricular hypothalamic responses to acute restraint stress

*JJ Radley, PE Sawchenko

featuring IT-03 Anti-DBH-SAP (Poster)

230.9 Phox2b-expressing neurons of the retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN) and central respiratory chemoreception in rats

*RL Stornetta, AC Takakura, TS Moreira, DP Mulkey, DA Bayliss, PG Guyenet

featuring IT-11 SSP-SAP (Slide)

270.10/X24 Amygdalar neuropeptide Y (NPY) signaling modulates stress-induced reductions of food intake in Balb/cJ mice

*AM Sparrow, EG Lowery, TE Thiele

featuring IT-28 NPY-SAP (Poster)

287.16/LL14 ERK1/2 regulates microglia-neuron signaling and pain by PGE2 following SCI

*BC Hains, P Zhao, S Waxman

featuring IT-33 Mac-1-SAP (rat) (Poster)

341.7 Severe visual learning impairments in monkeys with combined but not separate lesions of the temporal cortical cholinergic system and the fornix

*PG Browning, D Gaffan, MG Baxter

featuring IT-15 ME20.4-SAP (Slide)

341.9 Cholinergic depletion of prefrontal cortex does not impair episodic memory or strategy implementation in rhesus monkeys

*MG Baxter, DA Kyriazis, PL Croxson

featuring IT-15 ME20.4-SAP (Slide)

341.11 Intact delayed nonmatching-to-sample in monkeys with combined lesions of the temporal cortical cholinergic system and the fornix

*D Gaffan, MG Baxter, PGF Browning

featuring IT-15 ME20.4-SAP (Slide)

399.21/OO13 Vestibular activation stimulates cholinergic system in the hippocampus

S Tai, J Ma, *L Leung

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

424.4/HHH3 Effects of spatial cueing on visual discrimination performance of rats following loss of basal forebrain corticopetal cholinergic neurons

*JA Burk, KE Altemose, MW Lowder

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

424.9/HHH8 192 IgG-saporin lesions of the cholinergic basal forebrain disrupt selective attention and trace conditioning but spare delay and long-delay conditioning

*AE Butt, D Amodeo, M Flesher, K Marsa, R Holt, R Lladones, R Olney, J Haynes, BL Kinney-Hurd, N Dach

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

426.6/HHH29 Lesion of intercalated (ITC) amygdala neurons interfere with extinction of classically conditioned fear responses

*E Likhtik, D Popa, J Apergis-Schoute, GA Fidacaro, D Pare

featuring IT-12 Dermorphin-SAP & IT-21 Blank SAP (Poster)

456.14/C7 Hypocretin/orexin neuronal loss increases adult neurogenesis

*O Arias-Carrion, H Hernandez-Martinez, R Drucker-Colin

featuring IT-20 Orexin-SAP (Poster)

498.12/GG19 Ketamine-induced gating deficit of hippocampal auditory evoked potentials in rats is alleviated by medial septum inactivation and antipsychotic drugs

*J Ma, S Tai, L-WS Leung

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

524.20/BBB20 Destruction of NPY receptor expressing neurons in the arcuate nucleus causes obesity and hyperphagia without increasing lateral hypothalamic orexigenic peptide gene expression

*A-J Li, TT Dinh, S Ritter

featuring IT-28 NPY-SAP & IT-21 Blank SAP (Poster)

531.22/GGG24 Molecular basis of violent behavior: the role of NK1 receptors

J Haller, M Toth, D Zelena, *J Halasz

featuring IT-07 SP-SAP (Poster)

606.9/GG1 Neuronal mechanisms underlying the cognitive symptoms in a model of schizophrenia: prefrontal cholinergic inputs are necessary for attentional performance following repeated exposure to amphetamine

*D Young, WM Howe, V Martinez, JP Bruno, M Sarter

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

626.14/VV17 Galanin-like peptide stimulates feeding and sexual behavior via dopaminergic fibers within the medial preoptic area of adult male rats

V Ganapini, F Powers, K Kuper, A Taylor, *GS Fraley

featuring IT-25 Anti-DAT-SAP (Poster)

629.17/YY20 Histaminergic regulation of energy homeostasis in the Siberian hamster

*H I’Anson, PH Jethwa, GA Tanna, LM Pattinson, FJP Ebling

featuring IT-20 Orexin-SAP (Poster)

643.21/BBB15 Walking the Plank: Role of the medial septum in distance estimation

*SS Winter, MM Martin, DG Wallace

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

645.16/CCC18 Prefrontal cortical norepinephrine depletion does not impair spatial working memory in rats

*M King, JD Jentsch

featuring IT-03 Anti-DBH-SAP (Poster)

674.5/D24 On the survival of nestin-expressing neurons in the cholinergic basal forebrain after an immunolesion with 192-IgG-saporin

WT Nguyen, A Buhalog, M Hendrickson, *RE Kalil

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

691.9/M9 Neonatal cholinergic lesion and environmental enrichment:behavior, neurogenesis and CA1 cytoarchitecture

M Frachette, K Rennie, BA Pappas

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

698.16/R26 Behavioural consequences of combined cholinergic lesion and chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in rats

KE Rennie, M Frechette, BA Pappas

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

735.10/TT29 Progressive decrease in sleep deprivation-induced extracellular adenosine release and recovery NREM sleep following intracerebroventricular injection of 192 IgG-saporin

*AV Kalinchuk, T Porkka-Heiskanen, RW McCarley, R Basheer

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

736.3/UU16 Locus coeruleus (LC) is involved in sustaining arousal

*HS Gompf, PM Fuller, CB Saper, J Lu

featuring IT-03 Anti-DBH-SAP (Poster)

736.28/VV11 Genetic dissection of neural circuitry underlying REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)

*DA Wood, N Patterson, P Fuller, D Sherman, C Saper, J Lu

featuring IT-20 Orexin-SAP (Poster)

742.6/AAA9 Organization of food protection behavior is differentially influenced by hippocampal and cortical cholinergic deafferentation

*MM Martin, LA Carter, JL Jones, SS Winter, DG Wallace

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

742.9 Effects of NBM lesions on selective attention in an interval timing task

McAuley J, Pang K

featuring IT-03 GAT-1-SAP

743.17/BBB11 Selective hippocampal cholinergic deafferentation disrupts exploratory trip organization

*DG Wallace, SK Knapp, JA Silver, MM Martin, SS Winter

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

779.2/E4 Transplant of hypocretin neurons into the lateral hypothalamus of a narcolepsy rat model

D Millan-Aldaco, O Arias-Carrion, M Palomero-Rivero, R Drucker-Colin, *E Murillo-Rodriguez

featuring IT-20 Orexin-SAP (Poster)

779.5/E7 Survival, integration and differentiation of human neural stem cells transplanted into an animal model of cholinergic degeneration

C Cusulin, E Aztiria, E Cacci, *PP Battaglini, Z Kokaia, G Leanza

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

809.4/X26 Cholinergic saporin lesions in the nucleus accumbens attenuate alcohol drinking

MC Camp, *AA Alcantara

featuring IT-16 mu p75-SAP (Poster)

821.4/FF19 Changes in neurokinin-1 receptor expression in populations of spinal lamina I neurons in rats lacking non-peptidergic nociceptive fibers

*AW Saeed, A Ribeiro-Da-Silva

featuring IT-10 IB4-SAP (Poster)

821.5/FF20 Antinociceptive effects of lumbar intrathecal neuropeptide y-saporin

*RH Kline IV, LL Lemons, RG Wiley

featuring IT-28 NPY-SAP (Poster)

840.1/TT24 Immunotoxin lesion of cholinergic nucleus basalis magnocellularis neurons in Lister hooded rats impair performance in a delayed matching-to-place task

S Savage, S Ogren, L Olson, *A Mattsson

featuring IT-01 192-IgG-SAP (Poster)

842.19/WW11 Early activation of the tuberomammillary nucleus is a common factor in appetitive behaviors in rats

M Contreras, *M Carrasco, M Riveros, M Quispe, J Valdes, F Torrealba

featuring IT-20 Orexin-SAP (Poster)

921.4/NN15 Lesioning mu opioid receptor-containing neurons in the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray attenuates morphine analgesia in male but not female rats

*DR Loyd, AZ Murphy

featuring IT-12 Dermorphin-SAP (Poster)

932.22/WW17 Understanding the role of non-cholinergic medial septal neurons in learning and memory: Implications for disease- and aging-related impairments

*K Pang, SP Sinha, X Jiao, RJ Servatius

featuring IT-32 Anti-GAT-SAP (Poster)