SP-SAP [IT-07]

SP-SAP Research Replacement

SP-SAP has been replaced by SSP-SAP (Cat. #IT-11). Scientific advisors have given counsel for this replacement because SSP-SAP is a superior lesioning agent in many situations, due to its targeting vehicle, a protease-resistant form of substance P. An excellent example is the paper by Martin and Sloviter, J Comp Neurol 436:127-152 (2001), in which after ineffective intraparenchymal injection of SP-SAP in the hippocampus, SSP-SAP was used with tremendous efficacy. In almost all applications we expect SSP-SAP will be used at a lower dose than SP-SAP.

We will not compromise the work of those that are midstream in experiments with SP-SAP. If you need SP-SAP to complete an experiment, please contact us. Rest assured that your work is the backbone of our company and all questions or comments will be carefully considered.

SP-SAP is still being developed as a chronic pain therapeutic (see updates).

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