Anti-CD45.2-SAP [IT-91, KIT-91]

a tool for eliminating cells that express CD45.2 in mouse; targeted via the antibody to CD45.2, eliminated via saporin

SKU: IT-91 Category: Quantity: Individual 25 ug, Individual 100 ug, Individual 250 ug, Individual 1 mg, Kit w/controls 25 ug, Kit w/controls 100 ug, Kit w/controls 250 ug | Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: mouse | Reactivity: mouse | Conjugate: streptavidin-saporin | Usage: eliminates cells, retrograde transport |

CD45.2 is an alloantigen of CD45, also known as leukocyte common antigen or Ly-5 and is a transmembrane glycoprotein tyrosine phosphatase expressed on all nucleated hematopoietic cells.  CD45.2 is expressed by all leukocytes and the mouse strains expressing Ly5.2 (e.g BALB/c, CBA/Ca, CBA/J, C3H/He, C57BL, C57BR, C57L, C58, DBA/1, DBA/2, NZB, SWR, 129).  It is characterized by several isoforms and is distributed according to cell type and degree of cellular differentiation.  CD45 has shown to play a role in the initiation of T-cell receptor signaling via activation of the tyrosine kinases Lck and Fyn.  Deficiency of CD45 results in T and B-lymphocyte dysfunction characterized by severe combined immune deficiency.  CD45 immunoreactivity is characteristic of autoimmune diseases and cancer such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

Anti-CD45.2-SAP is a bonded conjugate of biotinylated anti-CD45.2 and the secondary conjugate Streptavidin-ZAP (IT-27) containing the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin. Anti-CD45.2-SAP specifically eliminates cells expressing CD45.2 in mice.

Anti-CD45.2-SAP is available individually (Cat. #IT-91) or as a kit (Cat. #KIT-91) which includes Anti-CD45.2-SAP and BIgG-SAP Mouse (Cat. #IT-74).

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