SP-CTA [IT-39, KIT-39]

a tool for activating cells that express substance P receptor (NK-1); targeted via Substance P, activated via the catalytic A subunit of cholera toxin

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SP-CTA is an exciting tool for use in the research of neurokinin (NK-1) receptor-expressing cells of the central nervous system. It can be used very effectively in vivo for increasing sensitization of these neuronal cells. Selectively targeting the NK-1r-expressing cells with the substance P moiety allows the researcher to stimulate only the cells of interest by amplifying their cAMP production with the CTA, without altering the neighboring cells. This effect lasts for a few days, and gives the researcher an opportunity to study behaviors such as those related to the perception of pain or the control of breathing.

SP-CTA is a chemical conjugate of the neuropeptide substance P and the catalytic A subunit of cholera toxin. It stimulates cells expressing the substance P receptor.

SP-CTA is available individually (Cat. #IT-39) or as a kit (Cat. #KIT-39) which includes SP-CTA and Blank-CTA (Cat. #IT-61).