Anti-Melanopsin Staining

Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) contain melanopsin. The ipRGCs, with their amazing long processes, are involved in the perception of light and dark and are circadian rhythm determinants.

Anti-Melanopsin staining on either flat-mount or cross-section staining of mouse retina.

Staining of the antibody is shown in green. Blue is DAPI and tdTomato (red) signal from OPN4cre; R26Syp-tdT mouse line. Cat. #AB-N38 (neat sera) is lot #205-130 and Cat. #AB-N39 (affinity-purified) is lot #205-129. Images supplied courtesy of Wenjin Xu, Xiarong Lu, and Ignacio Provencio at the University of Virginia.

Melanopsin Products:

Melanopsin Rabbit Polyclonal (Cat. #AB-N38)

Melanopsin Rabbit Polyclonal, affinity purified (Cat. #AB-N39)

Melanopsin-SAP (Cat. #IT-44)

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