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Targeted Toxins featured at FASEB Meeting

Chicago April 22-26, 2017 Four posters feature ATS products at next week’s Experimental Biology meeting. Stop by Booth 462 to find out more! Adenosine 2A (A2A) receptor expression in rats with motor neuron death from intrapleural CTB-saporin injections. Taylor A. Craig, Scott M. Brown, and Nicole L. Nichols.  FASEB J April 2017 31:873.14.  Experimental Biology […]


AAI – Booth 335 – DC May 13-15

Come visit us in our booth and pick up your Knockout Puzzle.  Patrick will be ready to answer your targeting questions. Claim your elegant stylus pen — while supplies last!


More Saporin Conjugate for Free

Give your project an extra boost with up to 50% extra targeted conjugate when you purchase any Saporin conjugate (ZAP and BETA products excluded). •    An extra 25 mcg with every 100 mcg purchase. –OR– •    An extra 100 mcg with every 250 mcg purchase. –OR– •    For those large-scale projects, an extra 500 mcg […]


ZAP Antibody Screening Kits

Energize your antibody screening with ZAP kits.  Order any ZAP Internalization kit and receive TWO TIMES the amount of ZAP product in the kit. Just enter with Promo Code ZAP2.0 when you place your ONLINE ORDER. For example, if KIT-22-Z4 is your favorite Hum-ZAP product, you will receive an extra 100-mcg vial of Hum-ZAP at […]


Next Level Antibody Screening

Anxious for results? Want to screen your antibodies in less than 24 hours? Now you can try the next generation of high throughput antibody screening with a free 25-mcg vial of Fab-pHast when you order Fab-ZAP mouse (IT-48) and/or Fab-ZAP human (IT-51). Use promo code pHastFREE when placing your ONLINE ORDER and we will include […]


Feed Your Hunger

Do your experiments have a large appetite?  Hungry for more?  Get a second helping of any of our food intake and satiety related products at no extra cost with this buy one get one free (BOGO) promotion. Enter ONLINE ONLY promo code APPETITEBOGO when you order any of our Leptin, Dynorphin, Galanin, CCK, NPY, Oxytocin, […]


Ready to Publish?

ATS is helping you validate your research with targeted toxins.  Now all our 25-mcg saporin conjugates come with controls! To celebrate this improvement, we are offering an additional 25-mcg aliquot of the targeted toxin with each new order. For example:  Order a 192-IgG-SAP kit in the 25-mcg size (KIT-01-25) and you will receive 192-IgG-SAP (Cat. […]