New publications: Melanopsin, Serotonin, Streptavidin

2018 starts off with 3 new publications using ATS products. Check out these articles and take advantage of special promotions for each of the products used.

Melanopsin Retinal Ganglion Cells Are Not Labeled in Thy-1yfp-16 Transgenic Mice. Grillo, SL, & Stella, SL, Jr. (2018). Neuroreport, 29 (2):118-122. 2017/12/19.

Objective: to determine whether mRGCs are labeled with YFP in Thy-1 YFP-16 transgenic mice.

Anti-Melanopsin Rabbit Polyclonal, affinity-purified (Cat. #AB-N39)

Raphe Pallidus Is Not Important to Central Chemoreception in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease. Oliveira, LM, Moreira, TS, & Takakura, AC. (2018). Neuroscience, 369 350-362. 2017/12/02.

Objective: to investigate if serotonin-expressing neurons in the Raphe pallidus/parapyramidal region (RPa/PPy) are also involved in the modulation of breathing during central chemoreception activation in a PD animal model.

Anti-SERT-SAP (Cat. #IT-23)

Combine Phage Antibody Display Library Selection on Patient Tissue Specimens with Laser Capture Microdissection to Identify Novel Human Antibodies Targeting Clinically Relevant Tumor Antigens. Su, Y, Bidlingmaier, S, Lee, NK, & Liu, B. (2018). Methods Mol Biol, 1701 331-347. 2017/11/09.

Objective: to develop a technology that allows selection of phage antibody display libraries on tumor cells in situ residing in their natural tissue microenvironment.

Streptavidin-ZAP (Cat. #IT-27)

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