Got an itch? Bombesin-SAP may help

Itch Induces Conditioned Place Aversion in Mice. Mu, D, & Sun, Y-G. (2017). Neuroscience Letters,

“Consistently, ablation of itch‐specific neurons that express gastrin‐releasing peptide receptor in the spinal cord also abolished itch‐induced Conditioned Place Aversion (CPA), confirming that itch‐induced CPA is dependent on the spinal itch circuit.”

Mice were given a single intrathecal injection (400 ng/5 μl each) of Bombesin-SAP (Cat. #IT-40) or Control Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21).

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Figure. Selective ablation of GRPR+ neurons in the spinal cord.
(A-B) GRPR expression detected by in situ hybridization was significantly reduced in lamina I of mice treated with Bombesin-SAP compared with mice treated with Blank-SAP. (C-D) NK1 receptor expression detected by immunocytochemistry in the dorsal horn was similar between the two groups.     Scale bar: 100 μm.
From: Ablation of GRPR+ Neurons in the Spinal Cord by Bombesin-Saporin Knocks Out Itch Sensation in Mice Without Affecting Pain Circuit. Chen Z-F, Sun Y-G, Zhao Z-Q, Meng X-L, Yin J, Liu X-Y. (2009) Targeting Trends 10(4).

Bombesin-SAP (Cat. #IT-40)

Bombesin is a 14-amino-acid peptide found in frog-skin. The human equivalent, gastrin releasing peptide (GRP) has been detected in itch pathways and plays a role in eating behaviors. GRP regulates numerous functions of the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems, including release of gastrointestinal hormones, smooth muscle cell contraction, and epithelial cell proliferation.

Bombesin-SAP specifically targets GRP receptor-positive cells. All other cells are left untouched. Elimination of cells expressing GPR receptor is useful in studying the role of bombesin in itch and eating behaviors.

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