Reliable Antibodies

Antibodies you can rely on; scientific validation for antibodies to: Serotonin Transporter, Substance P receptor (NK-1r), Melanopsin, Nerve Growth Factor receptor (p75, LNGFR), 6-HIS.

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  1. D. M. Bailey, et al. Single Quantum Dot Tracking Reveals Serotonin Transporter Diffusion Dynamics are Correlated with Cholesterol-Sensitive Threonine 276 Phosphorylation Status in Primary Midbrain Neurons (2018). ACS Chem NeurosciAB-N40:  Anti-SERT.
  2. A. Delwig, et al. Melanopsin expression in the cornea (2018). Visual Neurosci. AB-N39; Anti-Melanopsin.
  3. Fujita, et al. Allopregnanolone suppresses mechanical allodynia and internalization of neurokinin-1 receptors at the spinal dorsal horn in a rat postoperative pain model (2018). Korean J Pain.  AB-N33AP; Anti-NK-1 receptor.
  4. SGrillo, et al. Melanopsin retinal ganglion cells are not labeled in Thy-1YFP-16 transgenic mice (2018). NeuroreportAB-N39: Anti-Melanopsin.
  5. Hamano, et al. Extracellular Matrix from Periodontal Ligament Cells Could Induce the Differentiation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Periodontal Ligament Stem Cell-Like Cells (2017). Stem Cells DevelAB-N07; ME20.4, p75 NGFr.
  6. Ing-Esteves, et al. Combinatorial Effects of Alpha- and Gamma-Protocadherins on Neuronal Survival and Dendritic Self-Avoidance (2018). J Neurosci. AB-N38; Anti-Melanopsin.
  7. Jiao, et al. Induced pluripotent stem cells with NOTCH1 gene mutation show impaired differentiation into smooth muscle and endothelial cells: Implications for bicuspid aortic valve-related aortopathy (2018). J Thorac Cardiovasc SurgAB-N07:  NGFR (ME20.4, p75) Mouse MAb.
  8. Lovatt, et al. Directed differentiation of periocular mesenchyme from human embryonic stem cells (2018). DifferentiationAB-N07:  NGFR (ME20.4, p75) Mouse MAb.
  9. Morgan, et al. Effect of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia on Angiotensin II Receptors in the Central Nervous System (2018). Clin Exper Hypertension. AB-N28AP;  Angiotensin AT-2R and AB-N27AP; AT1R.
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  14. May, et al. Adult skin-derived precursor Schwann cell grafts form growths in the injured spinal cord of Fischer rats (2018). Biomedical MaterialsAB-N43; 192 IgG (p75, LNGFR).