Recent Publications using ATS Products

Borkowski LF, & Nichols NL. A2A and 5-HT Receptors are Differentially Required for Respiratory Plasticity Over the Course of Motor Neuron Loss in Intrapleurally CTB-SAP Treated Rats. (2019). FASEB J, 33 (1_supplement):843.843-843.843.

IT-14: CTB-SAP Dose: Bilateral, intrapleural injections of: 1) CTB-SAP (25 μg), or 2) un-conjugated CTB and SAP (control) in rats.

Toledo C, Andrade DC, & Del Rio R. Brainstem pre-sympathetic neurons contribute to irregular breathing patterns in volume overload heart failure. (2019). The FASEB Journal, 33 (1_supplement):lb630-lb630.

IT-03:  Anti-DBH-SAP   Dose:  Stereotaxic bilateral injections of Anti-DBH-SAP (5 ng/150 nl).

Sajjadi E, Seven YB, Simon AK, Zwick A, Satriotomo I, & Mitchell GS. Adenosine 2A Receptor Inhibition Promotes Neuroprotection Following Toxic Insult to Phrenic Motor Neurons. (2019). FASEB J, 33 (1_supplement):844.843-844.843.

IT-14: CTB-SAP Dose:  CTB-SAP selectively killed nearly all phrenic motor neurons within a week and caused diaphragm paralysis (p<0.01).

Souza G, Stornetta R, Stornetta D, Abbott S, & Guyenet P. Contribution of retrotrapezoid nucleus and carotid bodies to asphyxia-induced arousal in rats. (2019). FASEB J, 33 (1_supplement):733.736-733.736.

IT-11:  SSP-SAP Dose:  RTN was nearly completely destroyed with microinjections of SSP-SAP  (2.4 ng).

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