Sonic Hedgehog and Beta Products

Sonic Hedgehog and TDP-43 Participate in the Spontaneous Locomotor Recovery in a Mouse Model of Spinal Motoneuron Disease.  Rosario Gulino *, Rosalba Parenti and Massimo Gulisano
J. Funct. Morphol. Kinesiol. 2017, 2(2), 11; doi:10.3390/jfmk2020011

The authors used a mouse model of neurotoxic motoneuron depletion to study the role of Sonic hedgehog and TDP-43 in the compensatory changes occurring after the lesion. The injection of cholera toxin-B saporin (CTB-SAP; Cat. #IT-14) into the gastrocnemius muscle caused a partial motoneuron death accompanied by an impairment of locomotion.  Motor activity was significantly restored as soon as one month later.

Beta Products

A wide array of targeted toxins are available in a BETA format for use in eliminating specific cell types. This Beta-Testing Program will make new conjugates available to our customers sooner.

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Each of the Beta products has:

  • Saporin activity confirmed,
  • Peptide sequences published/confirmed, and/or
  • Antibody binding specificity published/confirmed. betabolt

Beta Products have not been characterized or reported in scientific literature. This provides researchers with special Beta-pricing and the opportunity to be the first to publish using the material.

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