Targeting Tools: Custom Conjugates – Made to Order

Proteins come in all shapes and sizes and don’t always contain a ready-to-conjugate binding site. ATS scientists are conjugation experts when it comes to crosslinking peptides, antibodies, and other proteins. Whether you are in need of a Saporin conjugate, biotin labeling, fluorochrome labeling, ADC’s, or other toxin conjugates, we can help you design a strategy that will result in purified material that retains full functionality post-conjugation.

If your protein or peptide binds to an extracellular domain on the cells you are studying, it is an ideal candidate for targeted delivery of a variety of payloads. To test binding and internalization prior to having a custom conjugation performed, we recommend that you try one of our ZAP kits with your antibody, protein, or peptide.

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Custom Saporin Conjugates – Your targeting agent is conjugated to Saporin, a highly active and potent ribosome-inactivating protein.

Custom Biotinylations – With each conjugation, you will receive biotinylated targeting agent AND the Biotin-Z Internalization Kit.

Custom Fluorescent Labeling – Do you have an antibody you’d like to have labeled?

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