ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits

ZAP Antibody Internalization Kits allow a large number of antibodies to be screened quickly and cost-effectively for specificity, functional binding, internalization, and EC50 determination.  The wide selection of these secondary conjugates provide ideal tools for screening potential antibodies . They are constructed using either species-specific polyclonal anti-IgG antibodies, or streptavidin (alternate kit for use with biotinylated …

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Targeting Talk: Using Kit Controls

Q: Your targeted toxin kits come with different controls. I’m not sure of the best way to use them; there is included unconjugated antibody, unconjugated saporin, and a control conjugate, mouse IgG-SAP. Should I use them all in the same experiment or for different purposes? A: For mouse IgG-containing conjugates, the ideal control is Mouse …

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