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Targeting Trends Newsletter 15q2

Below are links to view the quarterly newsletter Targeting Trends. You can also download the full PDF here. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please complete the information on our contact page. Drug-free selection of stable transfectants using rIB4-SAP is the cover article this quarter featuring rIB4-SAP and contributed by Drs. […]

Targeting Tools: Custom Biotinylation Service

Custom Biotinylation, when the “one-step-kit” doesn’t quite meet your needs. Proteins come in all shapes and sizes and don’t always contain a ready-to-conjugate binding site. This and other variables can cause you to look toward one-step kits, often leaving you with un-purified and un-verified conjugate. Let the experts in the field help provide you with […]

Targeting Talk: Targeted Toxin Format

Q: I ordered a targeted toxin. Will it come in powder form? How do I re-dissolve it? A: Our Saporin conjugate products are all provided in sterile PBS solution within a concentration range of 0.5 – 3 mg/ml. Saporin is an extremely safe ‘toxin’ to handle in standard laboratory environments when in solution for several […]

Targeting Talk: Anti-DBH-SAP specificity

Q: I’m interested in your anti-DBH-saporin toxin for lesioning central catecholaminergic neurons. I see from the product description that the antibody used is a mouse monoclonal — designed to specifically target rat DBH. My interest is to produce targeted lesions in mouse transgenic. Will this product still work specifically? Thanks. A: Unfortunately, we do not […]

Targeting Talk: Flow Cytometry Services

Q: Recently we used your flow cytometry services (Cytometry Research, ATS subsidiary). Based on post flow data analysis needs, I am providing the assay group list below (withheld for confidentiality). A: Yes, all these antibodies meet the requirement of being excited by our 488nm laser, however the specific combinations you list use fluorescent probes that […]

Targeting Topics 15q2

Cortically projecting basal forebrain parvalbumin neurons regulate cortical gamma band oscillations. Kim T, Thankachan S, McKenna JT, McNally JM, Yang C, Choi JH, Chen L, Kocsis B, Deisseroth K, Strecker RE, Basheer R, Brown RE, McCarley RW. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112(11):3535-3540, 2015. Measurements of cortical EEG capture gamma band oscillations (GBO). […]

Cover Article: Drug-free selection of stable transfectants using targeted toxin technology and a vector expressing cell-surface carbohydrate-digesting enzyme

by Masahiro Sato1 (Ph. D.) and Satoshi Watanabe2 (Ph. D.) 1Section of Gene Expression Regulation, Frontier Science Research Center, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima 890-8544, Japan: 2Animal Genome Research Unit, Division of Animal Science, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Ibaraki 305-8602, Japan Isolation of stable transfectants is one of the important steps for exploring biological functions of […]