Targeting Trends 2006 Newsletter

Read the 2006 Newsletters 2006, issue 1: The Biologically Active Cholecystokinin (26-33) peptide, [Tyr2-SO3]CCK-8, Retains High Affinity for CCK2 Receptors after Covalent Conjugation to Saporin / by Lai J, Zhang W, Badghisi H, Hruby VJ, Porreca F / featuring CCK-SAP (Cat. #IT-31) SFN Poster of the Year Targeting Talk: LPS Content Targeting Tools: Streptavidin-ZAP (Cat. …

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Targeting Topics 06q3

Toward better pain control. Basbaum AI, Julius D. Sci Am 294(6):60-67, 2006. The authors discuss some of the advances in understanding and treating different types of pain, and specifically outline circuits, receptors, and ligands involved in pain pathways. Several treatments are described, one of which is the use of SP-SAP (Cat. #IT-07) to disrupt the …

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Cover Article: Safety and Efficacy of Substance P-SAP

contributed by Jeffrey W. Allen, Ph.D.The author is currently a Senior Scientist in Emerging Therapies at Medtronic Neurological located in Minneapolis, MN.There is no association, financial or otherwise, between Medtronic, Inc. and Advanced Targeting Systems. Substance P-saporin (SP-SAP, Cat. #IT-07) is a targeted neurotoxin that selectively lesions cells containing the Neurokinin-1 (NK-1) receptor. Previous studies …

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