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Targeting Trends Newsletter 02q1

Below are links to view the quarterly newsletter Targeting Trends. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please complete the information on our contact page. Newsletter Highlights Party Highlights (page 2) Toxin Safety (page 5) Serotonin Transporter Antibody (page 7)

Targeting Tools: Serotonin Transporter Antibody

Advanced Targeting Systems announces a new reagent for the study of the serotonergic systems—a monoclonal antibody to the serotonin transporter (Cat. #AB-N09). This murine monoclonal is made with a peptide from an extracellular domain of rat serotonin re-uptake transporter (SERT), and thus is able to attach to cells that express SERT. Homology with the human […]

Targeting Talk: Toxin Safety

Safety Instructions Good laboratory technique must be employed for the safe handling of this product. This requires observation of the following practices: Wear appropriate laboratory attire, including lab coat, gloves and safety glasses. Do not pipet by mouth, inhale, ingest or allow product to come into contact with open wounds. Wash thoroughly any part of […]

Targeting Topics 02q1

Colocalization of mu-opioid receptors and activated G-proteins in rat cingulate cortex. Vogt LJ, Sim-Selley LJ, Childers SR, Wiley RG, Vogt BA. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 299(3):840-848, 2001. PMID: 11714867 The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is a primary site of opiate drug action, and much of this activity is associated with the μ-opioid receptor (MOR). The […]

Cover Article: Control Conjugates – The Perfect Companion for Targeted Toxins

Dr. Douglas Lappi, Chief Scientific Officer, Advanced Targeting Systems The field of targeted toxins has made enormous strides in the years since Advanced Targeting Systems introduced the first research targeted toxin in 1994. We now offer 16 different targeted toxins, with more on the way. The number of important papers in high impact journals continues […]