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Targeting Trends Newsletter 01q4

Below are links to view the quarterly newsletter Targeting Trends. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please complete the information on our contact page. Newsletter Highlights Surfers with a Cause (page 2) Time Course of Action (page 5) Orexin-SAP (page 7)

Targeting Tools: Orexin-SAP

Work on hypocretin, or orexin, as it is also known, is some of the most interesting in all of biology these days. When first characterized a mere three years ago by two groups, it was thought to be involved in feeding (hence the name orexin from the Greek orexis meaning appetite). But two articles exploded […]

Targeting Talk: Time Course of Targeted Toxins

How long does it take to see the cell death occurring from the use of targeted toxins using saporin? Is there a time course of hours or days? Details of the time course of early events have not been extensively studied. After ricin injections into the cervical vagus nerve, the proximal nerve becomes unresponsive to […]

Targeting Topics 01q4

Focal inhibitory interneuron loss and principal cell hyperexcitability in the rat hippocampus after microinjection of a neurotoxic conjugate of saporin and a peptidase-resistant analog of Substance P. Martin JL, Sloviter RS. J Comp Neurol 436(2):127-152, 2001. PMID: 11438920 The authors used SSP-SAP (0.4 ng/10 nl; Cat. #IT-11). See Cover Story. Selective cholinergic denervation inhibits expression […]

Targeting Article: Surfing to Help Spinal Cord Injuries

On Saturday, September 22, I attended the Tony Mezzadri Surf Contest in Ocean Beach, California. A number of years ago Tony, surfing at the Ocean Beach pier, was paralyzed with no movement in his legs and limited movement in his hands and arms. The Ocean Beach community rose to help Tony and this contest has been […]

Targeting Article: ATS Receives $900,000 in NIH Funding

In September, Advanced Targeting Systems received two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Institutes of Health. The first is a Phase II grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. This project continues a collaboration with Drs. Joanne Berger-Sweeney (Wellesley College) and Mark Baxter (Harvard University) to further develop the […]

Cover Article: Immunolesioning Hippocampal Inhibitory Interneurons

Dr. Robert Sloviter, University of Arizona, contributes this issue’s article from the laboratories of ATS customers. Dr. Sloviter summarizes his research with SSP-saporin, which he and his graduate student Jennifer Martin used to examine the role of inhibitory neurons in maintaining normal network excitability. The mammalian hippocampus is perhaps the most intensely studied brain region […]