Mac-1 (CD11b) Mouse Monoclonal, Alexa488 labeled [FL-N06]

100 ug


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CD11b is an alpha subunit of Mac-1, also known as CR3. CD11b is the receptor for the C3bi fragment of complement. This receptor is involved in bacterial phagocytosis. A reduction in neutrophil CD11b expression after severe traumatic injury correlates with increased septic complications. CD11b is a component of integrins, important for adhesion of neutrophils to surfaces. Mac-1 exists as a chemoattractant activation-dependent molecule that undergoes a conformational change upon stimulation. Expression of new epitopes on Mac-1 can be detected after activation by specific reporter monoclonal antibodies. Until stimulation occurs, Mac-1 remains in a resting, non-adhesive state. Activation of Mac-1 may play a role during neutrophil recruitment to the inflamed site.

This antibody recognizes rat Mac-1 (CD11b). The hybridoma was formed by the fusion of mouse myeloma line NS-1 with splenocytes from mice immunized with rat neutrophils. It has been conjugated to the fluorescent dye Alexa488. The antibody is routinely tested by flow cytometry.

Applications include flow cytometry.

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