vGAT Rabbit Polyclonal [AB-N44]


SKU: AB-N44 Category: Quantity: 100 ul | Antibody Type: Polyclonal | Host: rabbit | Reactivity: guinea pig, human, mouse, pig, rat | Conjugate: unconjugated | Usage: flow cytometry |

Vesicular GABA transporters (vGAT) mediate the accumulation of GABA into synaptic vesicles and its release from nerve terminals. This transporter is expressed in the nerve endings of GABAergic neurons throughout the CNS and has also been found in the pancreas and pituitary gland. During development, expression of the vGAT protein changes. Expression can also change in response to patterns of neuronal activity.

This antibody recognizes rat vesicular GABA transporter. This antibody was raised against the C-terminal of the rat vesicular GABA transporter. The antigen sequence is identical among human, rat, mouse, pig and guinea pig.

Applications include flow cytometry.

vGAT Products:

vGAT Rabbit Polyclonal (Cat. #AB-N44) | affinity-purified (Cat. #AB-N44AP) | affinity-purified biotin-labeled (Cat. #AB-N44AP-BT) | affinity-purified Alexa488-labeled (Cat. #AB-N44AP-FLA)

Anti-vGAT-SAP (Cat. #IT-71)

keywords: vesicular GABA transporter, vGAT, Anti-vGAT, Anti-Vescular GABA Transporter, GABA system, central nervous system, brain, neuroscience


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