Abstracts from IBRO 2011

A central role for BDNF and Sonic Hedgehog in controlling synaptic plasticity in motoneuron-depleted spinal cord

R. GULINO & M. GULISANO, University of Catania, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, Section of Physiology, Catania, Italy

Here, we measured the expression levels of several proteins involved in synaptic plasticity and motoneuronal function (ChAT, Synapsin-I, Shh, Notch-1, AMPA receptor subunits, NMDA receptor and BDNF) in a mouse SC lesion model obtained by intramuscular injection of Cholera toxin-B-saporin, which selectively kills motoneurons. (CTB-SAP, Cat. #IT-14)

Cholinergic denervation disrupts temporal learning in rodent visual cortex

E.B. ROACH & M.G. HUSSAIN SHULER, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Neuroscience, Baltimore, United States

Local cholinergic terminals were removed using the selective neurotoxin 192 IgG-saporin between contingency reversal. This manipulation tested the necessity of cholinergic innervation in two key processes: expressing previously learned reward timing and shifting reward timing to new behaviorally relevant intervals. (192-IgG-SAP, Cat. #IT-01)

The role of cholinergic cortical modulation in visual and olfactory attention using the 5-Choice serial reaction time task

V. LJUBOJEVIC, P. LUU & E. DE ROSA, 1) University of Toronto, Psychology, Toronto, Canada, 2) University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

After successful acquisition of both visual and olfactory task, the rats were subjected to either a cholinergic immunotoxic or sham lesion surgery of the NBM. Cholinergic deafferentation of the neocortical mantle was induced by bilaterally infusing the cholinergic immunotoxin, 192 IgG-saporin, into the NBM (0.2 μl of 0.2 μg/μl per site; two sites per hemisphere). (192-IgG-SAP, Cat. #IT-01)

The cholinergic basal forebrain in the ferret and its inputs to the auditory cortex

V.M. BAJO LORENZANA, N.D. LEACH, P.M. CORDERY, F.R. NODAL & A.J. KING, Univ Oxford, Physiol, Anat, Genetics, Oxford, UK

Projections from the NB to the auditory cortex were investigated by injecting tracers into the NB itself (n=5), or by applying tracer deposits to the surface of the auditory cortex (n=4). Tracers included Rhodamine, Fluorescein, Cascade Blue, as well as the cholinergic immunotoxin ME20.4-SAP. Both ME20.4-SAP injections in the auditory cortex and epipial tracer deposits revealed that NB provides the main cholinergic input to the cortex, and that this projection is predominantly ipsilateral. (ME20.4-SAP, Cat. #IT-15)