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Second Immunotoxins

Q: What is a second immunotoxin?

A: ATS’s second immunotoxins are conjugations of a secondary antibody (as of December 2000, either goat anti-mouse IgG or goat anti-rabbit IgG) to the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin.

Q: How does a second immunotoxin target?

A: The second immunotoxin uses the secondary antibody to “piggyback” onto your primary antibody in order to evaluate the ability of the primary antibody to internalize.

Q: What happens when the second immunotoxin gets inside the cell?

A: If the second immunotoxin is internalized, saporin will inactivate the ribosomes of the cell, thereby causing cell death.

Q: Are there different types of second immunotoxins available?

A: Yes, please see our catalog listing online for a complete list.

Q: What is the ratio of antibody to second immunotoxin for in vitro testing?

A: Both Mab-ZAP and Rab-ZAP have been shown effective in concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 2 moles of primary antibody per mole of second immunotoxin.

See: ZAP Conjugates (Second Immunotoxins)

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