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Flow cytometry for AB-N07

Q: We have a publication in review and put this statement in the paper, “The mouse monoclonal antibody to the low affinity nerve growth factor receptor (p75NTR; Advanced Targeting Systems) was derived from immunization of mice with WM245 melanoma cells and recognizes p75NTR in human, primate, rabbit, sheep, dog, cat, and pig. According to the manufacturer’s information, the antibody was tested by flow cytometry.” One of the reviewers wants to know more about the flow cytometry used to characterize this antibody (Cat. #AB-N07). Can you help, please?

A: This antibody is routinely tested by flow cytometry. The quality control flow data can be found on the data sheet on our website. HS294T cells, human metastatic melanoma cells, were used in flow cytometry with Anti-p75NTR (ME20.4, Cat. #AB-N07). Cells were treated with 4 µg of AB-N07 and subsequently with Anti-murine IgG-FITC (Cat. #FL-07). This assay shows the binding affinity of AB-N07 to cells known to express p75NTR.

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