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DMSO% for peptide and Streptavidin-ZAP

Q: Instead of performing the reaction between our biotinylated peptide and Streptavidin-ZAP at the initially provided concentration of Strep-ZAP (20 µM), is it OK if the reaction is done at a 10-fold more dilute concentration? This request is to ensure we don’t have any solubility problems with our very tricky lipophilic peptide. Our protocol would be to first dilute Streptavidin-ZAP to 2 µM with PBS and then add the peptide in DMSO (10% final), and store the aliquoted resulting 1.82 µM solution?

A: In regards to your question, while keeping in mind your solubility concerns, we suggest that you:

  1. Proceed with diluting the Streptavidin-ZAP to 2 uM with PBS as you suggest, BUT, only react the amount of Streptavidin-ZAP necessary for the next step.
  2. Store the undiluted and unreacted Streptavidin-ZAP at -80°C until you’re ready for more conjugate.

We understand the solubility of the peptide is a concern, and rightfully so.  However, we also do not want to compromise the Streptavidin-ZAP during storage, considering its value.

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