NGF p75 antibody for brain research

Two more publications this week using an ATS exclusive antibody:

NGFR (mu p75) Antibody (Cat. #AB-N01)

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferase 2 maintains neuronal structural integrity through the maintenance of Golgi structure. Pottorf T, Mann A, Fross S, Mansel C, & Vohra BPS. (2018). Neurochem Intl

Objective:  investigated the link between NMNAT2 loss, Golgi fragmentation and axon degeneration.
Summary:  Results degeneration signals converge on a common cytNmnat1 mediated axon protective program and are distinct from the SARM1 mediated caspase independent axon degeneration.
Dose:  Immunohistochemistry (1:1000).

Enteric Neurodegeneration is Mediated Through Independent Neuritic and Somal Mechanisms in Rotenone and MPP+ Toxicity. (2018). Virga DM, Capps J, & Vohra BPS. Neurochem Res 1-16..

Objective:  To the mechanism by which enteric nervous system degeneration occurs in Parkinson’s Disease.
Summary:  Therapies targeting both axonal and somal protection can be important in finding interventions for enteric symptoms in PD.
Dose:  P75NTR antibody utilized (1:1000) to immunoselect enteric neural crest from the rest of the cells in the gut including stomach, small and large bowl and colon) from E12.5 Sprague CD1 mice.