Breathing, Parkinson’s Disease and Targeting Orexin Receptors

Orexin-B-SAP (Cat. #IT-20): a tool for eliminating cells that express the orexin-2 receptor; targeted via orexin-B peptide, eliminated via saporin.

Orexinergic Neurons Are Involved in the Chemosensory Control of Breathing During the Dark Phase in a Parkinson’s Disease Model. Oliveira LM, Falquetto B, Moreira TS, & Takakura AC (2018) Exper Neurol, 309:107-118.

Objective:  To determine the involvement of orexin cells from the lateral hypothalamus / perifornical area (LH/PeF) on breathing.
Summary:  The degeneration of orexinergic neurons in this model of PD can be related to impaired chemoreceptor function in the dark phase.
Dose:  For lesions of LH/PeF, two injections of Orexin-B-SAP or Rabbit IgG-SAP (100 ng/μl) were made into the lateral hypothalamus / perifornical area (LH/PeF).

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