Neuroprotective Effects of Exercise

Neuroprotective Effects of Exercise on the Morphology of Somatic Motoneurons Following the Death of Neighboring Motoneurons. (2019). Chew C, & Sengelaub DR. Neurorehabil Neural Repair, epub ahead of print 1545968319860485. 


Objective:  To explore whether exercise shows the same neuroprotective effect on induced dendritic atrophy as that seen with androgen treatment.
Summary:  Exercise following neural injury exerts a protective effect on motoneuron dendrites comparable to that seen with exogenous androgen treatment.
Dose:  Motoneurons innervating the left vastus medialis muscle were selectively killed by intramuscular injection of CTB-SAP (2 μL, 0.1%).  Saporin injection reduced the weight of the vastus medialis muscle; exercise had no effect on muscle weight.

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