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IT-40:  Bombesin-SAP  Exploration of sensory and spinal neurons expressing gastrin-releasing peptide in itch and pain related behaviors(2020) Barry DM, et al. Nat Commun 11: (1):1397.

AB-T125:  Anti-NO-L-Cysteine, Mouse Monoclonal Conjugated A DNA-Based Fluorescent Probe Maps Nos3 Activity with Subcellular Spatial Resolution. Jani MS, Zou J, Veetil AT, & Krishnan Y. (2020) Nature Chem Biol, 16 660-666.

IT-14: CTB-SAP Adenosine 2a Receptor Inhibition Protects Phrenic Motor Neurons from Cell Death Induced by Protein Synthesis Inhibition.  Seven YB, Simon AK, Sajjadi E, Zwick A, Satriotomo I, & Mitchell GS. (2020) Experimental Neurology, 323 113067.

IT-41: Bombesin-SAP, IT-21: Blank-SAP, IT-69: Nppb-SAP Spinal Grpr and Npra Contribute to Chronic Itch in a Murine Model of Allergic Contact Dermatitis. Liu X, Wang D, Wen Y, Zeng L, Li Y, Tao T, Zhao Z, & Tao A. (2020) J Invest Dermatol, 140(9):1856-1866.e7.

AB-N40: SERT Mouse Monoclonal Labeling Neuronal Proteins with Quantum Dots for Single-Molecule Imaging. In A Fontes & B Santos (Eds.), Quantum Dots. Thal LB, Kovtun O, & Rosenthal SJ. (2020). Methods in Molecular Biology (Vol. 2135). New York, NY: Humana. 

IT-41: Bombesin-SAP; IT-21: Blank-SAP GRP Receptor and AMPA Receptor Cooperatively Regulate Itch-Responsive Neurons in the Spinal Dorsal Horn. Kiguchi N, Uta D, Ding H, Uchida H, Saika F, Matsuzaki S, Fukazawa Y, Abe M, Sakimura K, Ko M-C, & Kishioka S. (2020) Neuropharmacol, 170 108025.

AB-N38:  Anti-Melanopsin Examination of Zinc in the Circadian System. Moshirpour M, Nakashima AS, Sehn N, Smith VM, Thackray SE, Dyck RH, & Antle MC. (2020) Neuroscience, 432 15-29.

IT-46: Oxytocin-SAP Oxytocin Controls Male Sexual Activity  via Non-Synaptic Axonal Release in the Spinal Cord. Oti T, Satoh K, Uta D, Nagafuchi J, Ueda R, Takanami K, Young LJ, Galione A, Morris JF, Sakamoto T, Sakamoto H. (2020) Curr Biol preprint.

BT-17AP: Anti-Saporin chicken polyclonal, biotin-labeled Quantum Dot Conjugated Saporin Activates Microglia and Induces Selective SubstantiaNigra Degeneration. Landrigan J, Dwyer Z, Beauchamp S, Rodriguez R, Fortin T, & Hayley S. (2020) NeuroToxicol, 76 153-161.

IT-06:  Mac-1-SAP; IT-17: Rat IgG-SAP Inflammatory Macrophages Facilitate Mechanical Stress-Induced Osteogenesis. Zhang F, Huan L, Xu T, Li G, Zheng B, Zhao H, Guo Y, Shi J, Sun J, & Chen A. (2020) Aging, 12 (4):3617-3625. 02/25.

Assay and Conjugation Services

Custom Conjugations
Custom Conjugates are powerful tools that deliver specific payloads to targeted cell types. This technique has important applications in determining the function or contribution of the targeted cells in a biological system or for the removal of interfering cell types.

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Cell and Plate-Based Assays
Screening large numbers of peptides or proteins such as antibodies can be prohibitively expensive in both cost and time. From antibody and compound internalization assays to ELISAs and Fluorescent Microscopy, there are a wide array of kits and services for all of your cell and plate-based assays.

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Antibody/Compound Screening
        for specificity and/or internalization.

Four levels of service available:

  • 1-5 cell lines

1 compound:  6 doses / 1 time-point, 2 controls – or – 2 to 6 compounds:  1 dose / 1 time-point, 2 controls

  • 15 cell lines
  • 30 cell lines
  • 60 cell lines or more!

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Cell Transfections
Transfections can be a time-consuming and tedious process.  Let CytoLogistics help you with the experimental design and laboratory assays to create and assay the transfected cells. CytoLogistics provides transfection services utilizing our new Transfection Perfection™ selection method ensuring a population of high-expressing cells. This method of selection provides a means of purifying the highest expressing transfected populations using a more cost-effective and time-saving approach.

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