Toolbox: Orexin Receptor Antibody Conjugates

Anti-OX1R-SAP (Cat. #BETA-007) eliminates mouse, rat, and guinea pig cells expressing the orexin 1 receptor. All other cells are left untouched. Anti-OX2R-SAP (Cat. #BETA-008) eliminates rat cells expressing the orexin 2 receptor (OX2R). All other cells are left untouched. These two immunotoxins are being offered as part of our Beta Testing program. They have not been characterized or reported in scientific literature but they are being offered at no charge for the product (S&H extra). The researcher who first publishes data* will receive a $500 credit for use on ATS products.

The orexin receptor (also referred to as the hypocretin receptor) is a G-protein-coupled receptor that binds the neuropeptide orexin. There are two variants, OX1R and OX2R. There are two orexin peptides: Orexin A and Orexin B. These peptides bind to both receptors, however, Orexin B shows a >5-fold selectivity for OX2R . Orexin A is equipotent at both receptors.

*Data submitted will be reviewed by the scientific team at ATS. If data are sufficient to prove specific activity of Beta material in either in vivo or in vitro conditions, the Beta Tester will be informed and product credit will be awarded to the first Beta Tester to publish.

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