Targeting Tools: Anti-6-His

Anti-6-His Mouse Monoclonal, Cat. #AB-20 [see also Cat. #AB-213]

The use of polyhistidine tags has become a popular method for protein purification, commonly used in the screening process as a tag for your protein or peptide of interest. Whether the material you are screening for is affinity purified or in crude bacterial extract, you will find our antibody suitable to your needs.

This antibody was created as a mouse monoclonal generated to recognize a 6 Histidine (6-His) amino acid sequence, independent of its location. It will recognize C-terminal, N-terminal, or internal 6-His epitopes, with very high sensitivity and low background (Fig. 1).

Lane 1: Molecular weight standards (See-Blue)
Lane 2: Crude bacterial extract containing a 6- His-tag expressing protein probed with Anti-6-His antibody at a 1:5,000 dilution. Band of interest is visualized at 25-28 kDa.
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