Targeting Tools: Cy3-labeled Anti-murine NGFR

New Fluorescent Antibody: Cy3-labeled Anti-murine NGFr (Cat. #AB-N01APFL3)

Advanced Targeting Systems introduces a new help in immunostaining: The antibody to mouse nerve growth factor receptor (NGFr, low affinity neurotrophin receptor, p75) conjugated to Cy3.

The antibody is our widely-used rabbit polyclonal that has been affinity purified (Cat. #AB-N01AP).
As can be seen in the figure on the right, this antibody readily identifies the receptor expressed on the surface of mouse cells. This antibody is also the targeting agent of our immunotoxin to mouse cells that express NGFr, mu p75-SAP (Cat. #IT-16).

The Cy3-labeled anti-NGFr has been constructed especially for double immunostaining. Use this fluorescent antibody with other labeled antibodies or after primary and secondary for brilliant results!

Figure 1. Immunostaining of NG3 cells. NG3 cells, a rat-mouse hybrid neuroblastoma cell line, were incubated with anti-murine NGFr antibody or conjugate and incubated at 4°C. Cells were analyzed by flow cytometry on a BD FACScan, and data produced using CellQuest software. A concentration of 4 μg of conjugate per one million cells provided a 33% shift compared to the antibody alone.
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