Targeting Tools: Rat-ZAP

Advanced Targeting Systems is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest second immunotoxin, Rat-ZAP (Cat. #IT-26). This new screening agent is constructed from goat anti-rat IgG conjugated to saporin. Like the other second immunotoxins, Hum-ZAP, Mab-ZAP and Rab-ZAP, it converts your primary antibody, in this case a rat IgG, into a potent cytotoxic agent for cells that express the antigen of the rat IgG on their surface. The figure below shows the power of this second immunotoxin. So whether it’s high-throughput screening, or just testing your antibody, this is a potent new tool to determine if your rat antibody internalizes.

NG3 cells were plated at 1000 cells/90 µl/well in a 96-well plate and incubated overnight. Saporin and ABN01-SAP dilutions were made in cell media, and 10 µl was added to each well. Anti-mu p75 was diluted in cell media containing, at a final concentration, 50 ng/10 µl of Rat-ZAP, and 10 µl was added to each well. The plates were incubated 72 hours and developed with MTS/PMS.
Data was analyzed by Prism (GraphPad).
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